Monday, March 13, 2017

PTRI Club/Group for developing entrepreneurs and other powerful types.

This is a follow up to the post that I had written up on: PTRI Research Self Directed Learning club/group that I had posted in this blog on January 10th 2017. I am running this group through Facebook at present. PTRI stands for Project The Remote Influencer. I chose the acronym due to the fact that the name would have been very long had I not gone this route. It's a closed group. However, it is easy to join. Potential members can send me a request to join via Facebook.

Research has shown that the unschooling method of homeschooling, can help to develop entrepreneurs, inventors and other creative types of people. Unschoolers take control of their own learning. They study subjects which are of interest to them. ( In the UK, this method is known as autonomous education .) Peter Gray phd, has conducted extensive research on unschooling. I would not question or second guess his work. If you are research inclined, look it up and see for yourself. You can also look up 'Dayna Martin'. Dayna has been on TV and radio shows dealing with unschooling. Dayna and her husband own their own business. Their children are entrepreneurial
too. You are welcome to look up 'Leo Babauta' too, if you are curious. Leo is an author and an entrepreneur. His unschooled children are going to be running their own businesses too when they are old enough. They have initiated money generating small business projects as well.

I had been in a job training program/me a few years ago. This was through an organization named 'In Training'. I found it very helpful. The course that I had found most helpful, and interesting too, was the last program/me that I had been on. In this program/me, we were given some questions to find answers to via Google. I have a lot of experience on the internet. Some of the other trainees did not have access to Pc's or the internet at home. It is my opinion that job seekers be given more training and access to pc's and the internet. I will be looking for opportunities whereby I can help job seekers with internet research. They are free to join my club/group too.


I can help job seekers and professionals through my club/group. If these people want to become entrepreneurs, inventors or other powerful types, they can join my group so that these things become a concrete reality. Here's a link to my Facebook  PTRI Research and Self Directed Learning club.