Tuesday, March 1, 2022

The links to my UAP/ UFO photos.


As promised, here are the links to the UAP/ UFO photos. In the photo above, you see my Google Chromebook computer. I had used this computer to zoom in on the photo I had taken of the uap/ufo. I have tried to zoom in on the photo using my Windows 10 pc. I wasn't able to zoom in to great effect using this pc. I suggest using a Google Chromebook computer when you zoom in on the photo. I will leave the links to the photo below.

Here are the links.


The link above is for my February 25th 2022 sighting.


The link above is also from my February 25th 2022 sighting.


The link above is for my September 28th 2021 sighting

Here is the link to the Youtube video I had shot earlier today. You can find this video in my earlier blog post for today as well. I am  curious to hear your views on what the object is. I see an object which appears to have 2 diamond shaped hologram type objects connected to each other.


A video where you see me zooming in on a UAP / UFO sighting in Luton, U...

Here's a Youtube video I had shot earlier this morning. I will write another post about this topic soon. I will add links to the photo as well.