Thursday, December 15, 2016

Transferable skills gained through past or present jobs.

In this post, I am going to be writing about an author named Susan Cain. The post here shows how people can gain valuable transferable skills through their past or present jobs.

Whether you’re in your first or last semester of your law degree, everyone is always telling you that everything is important: you have to have effective public speaking skills, you have to have excellent writing skills, you have to network, and you have to have excellent critical analysis skills.

All of these skills are useful, but having effective legal research skills is incredibly important to your success, not only in your law degree but also throughout your legal career. 

You’ve probably been given a problem solving assignment or an essay during your law degree, for which Google didn’t have the answers, and you instead needed to navigate the labyrinth of legal databases (if you’re just starting your law degree, this is probably coming!). For the assignment you needed to look up cases and legislation, and even if you started the assignment the day or the week before the due date, you realized that good research takes time.


Susan Cain has a law degree from Harvard and she has a BA in English from Princeton university. She quit corporate law at the age of 33 to become a writer. She wrote the book, 'Quiet: The power of introverts in a world that can't stop talking'.

 Susan pursued a writing career after leaving her corporate law career. She is not a licensed psychologist. However, through analyzing the text on legal research, and my own personal research in this area, I can say that Susan had used the skills and knowledge she had gained from her law career, and she had transferred those skills into her book writing project. Her book has been excellently researched. She knows her subject area: Introversion. Susan had stated that she had wanted to become a writer since she was around four years old. As most people are aware, writers are usually introverted by nature. Legal research can take time. Susan's book must have taken her quite a bit of time to research and to complete. Research plays an important part in law. This skill had given Susan an advantage in her writing career. Susan has made quite a few videos and she has spoken to large groups of people in videos too. Again, this is something that she was used to as public speaking is part of what is required in the legal profession.
Susan didn't set too much pressure on herself in regard to time frames for her writing career aspirations. She said that she just wanted to write. She didn't set out to become a writer. She just wrote and became a writer by doing. She didn't over think or over analyze her goal. She had stated that she probably wouldn't publish anything until she was 75. My point here is that many people give up on their targets and goals in life because they want to achieve overnight success. This is a myth. It takes time to achieve great things.

Research is paramount in Project The Remote Influencer – PTRI. Text analysis is part of the work I do with PTRI. This post here shows some of PTRI's text analysis skills. Please read this article carefully. Focus upon the underlined segments too. When you do this, you too will see the power of text analysis.

Here is a video made by Susan Cain.


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