Tuesday, July 10, 2018

WWATT - Whacking Weapons and Training Tactics.

WWATT stands for Whacking Weapons and Training Tactics. This is the name of the ancillary weapons system I have developed. WWATT can be used by law enforcement, the military, private security and for individuals interested in learning how to protect themselves against violent attackers. WWATT is part of the Undercover Urban Street Soldiers solution I have created. Yes. I am a highly creative thinker.

As you may have gathered from reading the above, hand held striking weapons are used in WWATT. When you think about it, there are virtually infinite varieties of striking weapons available for the WWATT practitioner to choose from. Here are 2 of the striking impact weapons used in WWATT:

The tonfa or side batons in the photo above are made from polypropylene hard plastic. The Cold Steel Koga SD1 is also made from the same material. I am thinking of teaching a class in WWATT. Students learning WWATT would get in good shape as a result of this training. 

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