Friday, February 7, 2020

Success with one of my Remote Influencing (RI) Self-Experiments: DIY Budgeting.

As mentioned in the constitution for Project The Remote Influencer - PTRI, PTRI is a research organization and it is a series of unique self-experiments which fall under the PTRI banner. One of the self-experiments I have had recent success with is my DIY Budgeting system.

I placed an image of an excel spreadsheet above. I did so as a way to show what these electronic spreadsheets look like. I use Google docs for my budgeting system. I prefer to enter data into these documents in the form of text plus figures, highlighting, bullet points, underscores and bold. My system works for me. It can work well for others who are more adept with entering text based data into electronic documents. I had first learned about budgeting from my auntie Gulab. I built upon what my aunt had taught me. Learning is a lifelong endeavor.

I like the fact that my DIY budgeting document is stored in the cloud. I can access these files through my various devices. I create these documents on a year to year basis. Once the year comes to an end, I save the file to PDF and I then make multiple back ups of the PDF file. I can analyze the PDF files to project my finances with. I have to admit that I do enter some data on physical paper. However, I don't enter all of the data on paper. I recycle the paper when I am done with it. I have paid off my credit card debts plus my personal debts through the application of my DIY budgeting system. This self-experiment can be replicated, seeing as the experiment was a success for me.

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