Monday, March 30, 2020

Project The Remote Influencer - PTRI constitution and 'help' society.

I have added the photo above to show what a constitution looks like.

Here is one of the bullet points from the PTRI constitution.

The PTRI group will help society through the research projects they have undertaken. Teaching can also be part of this work.

I had purposely kept the part about helping society vague. This is because I believe there are virtually infinite ways in which one could help society. 

For example, one of the projects I am working on through PTRI, is keeping physically active. Here's what Luton Gov says about this:

Being physically active is fundamental to leading and maintaining a healthy lifestyle and regular participation in physical activity has multiple benefits to individuals and society.

In the bullet point from the PTRI constitution, you will see that I have placed Teaching with a bold font plus and underline. I had placed underlines for the following words in the constitution as well: Consulting, Coaching Training, Research.

Teaching, Consulting, Coaching, Research and Training play big roles in PTRI.

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