Tuesday, April 28, 2020

The Remote Influencer Links of a Chain update.

The Remote Influencer - TRI is a powerful monk archetype which my Remote Influencing (RI) system is built upon. The Remote Influencer is also a brand. You will see The Remote Influencer as part of this blog/site web url and you will see it in School of The Remote Influencer and Way of The Remote Influencer. We develop ourselves into The Remote Influencer through Research, Worship, Teaching, Learning, Training, Consulting and Coaching. This work is ongoing as the learning never ends - as in Life Long Learning.

Like links of a chain, through Remote Influencing (RI), we are connected to positive influences, people, events, situations and outcomes.

The above is one of the Remote Influencing (RI) affirmations from my book: The Remote Influencer 2.

Over the years I have amassed hundreds of research files. I am still adding to my Remote Influencing (RI) body of knowledge and knowledge base. I have seen how new ideas came into being by linking research files together. These links have since connected and they have interconnected with other research files so as to bring new ideas into existence.

Here are a couple of links to posts I had written up on TRIC - The Remote Influencer Chain.



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