Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Kingdom Without Walls and Borders - KWWB : Research project of Project The Remote Influencer.


When you visit my PTRI blog, take a peek at the header of the blog. It says that PTRI is an online basic research organization. This says in a nutshell what the blog is all about. My projects would not exist where it not for my research endeavors.

My latest projects is, Kingdom Without Walls and Borders - KWWB. I bought the domain name for my site via Google domains on March 23rd 2022. I created a Google sites website for KWWB on the same day. I chose the acronym for my site. If I had spelled it all out, the web address would have been way too long.

Here is a link to my Google sites website for KWWB. You will find a link to my Facebook group for KWWB in my site too.


Here is a link to a Youtube video I had shot for KWWB. It's an interesting video. In the video, I talk about the idea I had, whereby I'd like to sell the domain name to Elon Musk.


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