Thursday, January 26, 2017

My offer of Pro Bono E consulting work for Ashley Benson.

I, Anand Sule, creator of a powerful Remote Influencing (RI) system, founder of School of The Remote Influencer, project research consultant for the basic research project - Project The Remote Influencer, would like to offer my pro bono E consulting services to Ashley Benson actress. This might be quite a long post. Please read through it all so that you get a better understanding of why I am offering Ashley Benson my pro bono consulting services. I hope you read my post Ashley, and that you kindly consider my offer.

Ashley is a talented actress. Ashley has acted in the hit show 'Pretty Little Liars - PLL' since 2010. The show will be coming to an end soon. Ashley is a really good actress. She should be cast in more movies, shows etc. Ashley plays the part of Hanna Marin in the 'Pretty little liars' show. Hanna is a very popular character among the PLL fans around the globe. Ashley is beautiful and yet she's friendly and approachable too. She  is occasionally goofy, she wears her heart on her sleeve. She is funny at times too. Ashley can be sensitive and she can be strong when needed. I was describing how Ashley has portrayed Hanna in the previous paragraphs. However, Ashley plays the part of Hanna so convincingly, it gives me the intuitive vibe that she is like this in real life too.

Ashley began her career as a model. She started acting in the 'Days of our lives' show in 2004 up until 2007. Ashley acted in the '13 going on 30' movie too. If you would like to see an example of how well Ashley acts, look for PLL season 7, episode 4, ' Hit and run, run, run'. The scene in mention begins at around the 6 minute 45 second mark. Ashley, acting as Hanna Marin, cries as her ex boyfriend is outside the door talking to Spencer, his current girlfriend - Hanna's friend. Hanna begins crying as her ex, Caleb, starts telling Spencer about his feelings for her. It was an emotionally charged scene.

Ashley has acted in a movie called 'Ratter'. Ashley does a cool dance scene in this movie. Ashley was a dancer before she became an actress. Ashley played a small part in the movie 'Elvis and Me'. She did a great job in that scene. I can see Ashley acting in bigger roles in the near future and beyond. Ashley is a versatile actress. Look out for the movie she had acted in a few years ago, 'Pixels'. In Pixels,  Ashley plays the part of a video game heroine called 'Lady Lisa'. Lady Lisa reminded me of Xena Warrior princess in some ways. If you look again at the top photo of Ashley, you will see her pointing to the lady Lisa character she had played. Ashley is a good person with a kind heart. She covers some really helpful topics through her Facebook page. Ashley had created Gofundme campaign for one of the causes she believes in. It is a cause related to dogs and and their well being. I am not sure if she is still running the campaign or not. I will provide the link below.

I have to admit that there is another reason why I like Ashley so much and why I would like to do some pro bono e consulting for her. She resembles an ex girlfriend of mine. Her character, Hanna was similar in ways to my ex. I know that this can sound like a cliche or a pick up line of sorts. I can assure you that it is neither of those things. I believe in and I live the truth. That is why I provided this info. Do you like the blue A logo? I had this logo designed for me before I had even heard of the Pretty Little Liars show. Maybe this was a sign.

Ashley, if you would like to accept my offer for the pro bono consulting work, please visit the links below. There is no time limit for my offer. Contact me if and when you are ready.




Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Project The Remote Influencer - Research and Self Directed Learning club.

The beauty and the appeal of Project The Remote Influencer - PTRI, is the fact that it is quite a few things. This keeps things interesting. It is a basic research project, a series of unique self-experiments, a non governmental organization, a web based research organization, a research and self directed learning club, an unincorporated association. PTRI may mutate into other forms too as deemed suitable and/or necessary.

This post will focus upon the research and self directed learning club aspect of PTRI. Have any of you ever been in a school or college club? Being in a club can have great benefits for club members. Knowledge, skills and leadership abilities can be gained from being involved in clubs. Do you like the two photos above? In PTRI, research and self directed learning play a big part in the organization. Most of the research and self directed learning endeavors are accomplished through Internet and Offline research. Hence the photo of the laptop and the library. You could say that PTRI promotes research and self directed learning. Great things can happen through research and self directed learning. One of the other advantages of joining this club is the fact that there are no costs involved. This may change in the future. However, for now, there are no costs involved for members wanting to join. If I do start to charge a membership fee in the future, the costs will be very reasonable. Voluntary membership donations could be a possibility as well. As PTRI is internet based, people from around the world are welcome to join.

The other advantage of joining this club is that there are no extra fees involved for any of the research work that is done. I already pay for my broadband internet service and I own a few laptops. I use the internet and libraries for my research work. I have amassed hundreds of research pdf files over the course of the years. I am adding more pdf files on a regular basis. All of the research work that I had done, and which I am continuing to do, is beginning to pay off.