Thursday, December 30, 2021

Remote Influencer Yoga - A new project from Project The Remote Influencer.


The latest project I am undertaking at Project The Remote Influencer, is Remote Influencer yoga. I will be focusing on the meditation and visualization aspects of yoga at Remote Influencer yoga. I created a Google blog for this new project and I also created a Facebook page for said project.

I have been using meditative methods and techniques in my Remote Influencing system since the beginning and will continue to do as such. Most of the work done through Remote Influencer yoga will take place online. In person work can be implemented too, to some extent.

Here the links to my Google blog and to my Facebook page for Remote Influencer yoga.



Tuesday, December 14, 2021

The Google blog for my Frisee That Much project.


I changed my mind in regard to having a stand alone web site or blog for my Frisee That Much project. I bought the . com domain name for frisee that much, yesterday via Google domains. I decided to open a Google blogger site for frisee that much. I created the blog via blogger a few hours after I had bought the domain name. I loved how well the whole process worked. I bought the domain via Google and I set the blog up, pretty quick as well, all via Google. I hope that Google domains and blogger will be around for years to come. I am sure they will.

Here are the links to my blogger post where I had said I wasn't going to create a stand alone blog or site for Frisee That Much, and the link to my new Google blog for Frisee That Much.



Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Performance Consulting.


I will be focusing my consulting, coaching and training services toward the area of performance improvement. I will not be providing counsel/ling services as I am not certified in that area. However, I will utilize some of my counsel/ling skills in the work I do.

Here is a definition of the term performance consulting.

Performance consulting is a process that produces business results by improving the performance of people in an organization.



Performance consulting covers vast areas. I will write more about this area in future posts. My performance improvement consulting services will be offered through this site and through my other sites as well. 

Wednesday, December 1, 2021

My Youtube channel for Project The Remote Influencer - PTRI.


I had created a Youtube channel for Project The Remote Influencer just over a year ago. I am undertaking quite a few projects via PTRI. However, I will do my best to keep creating videos for my new Youtube channel. I am impressed with Youtube. I love the fact that my Youtube videos can be seen by people around the globe. I visit the site quite often. There are millions, if not billions, of educational and entertainment related videos in this great web site.

Here is a link to my Youtube channel for Project The Remote Influencer.

Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Project The Remote Influencer - PTRI and community work.


When I had written the constitution for Project The Remote Influencer - PTRI, I wrote that, 'helping' society is one of the aims for PTRI. I did not elaborate on this point. The reason for this is simple. I want group members to be creative when it comes to the ways in which we can help society. The great thing about group or club constitutions, is : The rules can always be updated, changed over the course of time. They are not always set in stone.

Do you like the images above? In the top image, you see groups of people using internet devices. I chose that image as it is the foundation for PTRI. Our work is internet based. In person work can and will be a part of PTRI. However, most of the work is done online. As of February 2021, 1.8 billion people use Facebook groups every month. Adweek says there are 620 million groups on Facebook. These stats are impressive to say the least. As I have said many times in the past, there's great potential with Facebook groups.

In regard to Facebook groups, group members can come from countries across the globe. This extends what one would call a community. Facebook groups are virtual communities. I run several Facebook groups. I now reside in Luton, UK. I had lived in the USA for over 16 years as well. I will be looking to recruit potential Facebook group members from Luton too. I have a soft spot in my heart for Luton. I had lived in this town before I had moved to America as a green card resident. I came back to live in Luton in Feb 2006. I am working on a self initiated project that's geared toward helping my town to advance in several ways. I will write more about this in future posts.

Sunday, November 7, 2021

The QR code for this blog.


The image above should be the QR - Quick Response code for this Google blog. I am not too great at using mobile or cell phones as they're called in the USA. However, I do believe that QR codes can be useful. 

I have had qr codes for my other sites placed onto double sided business cards. I conducted a test the other day. I had asked one of my friends to scan the qr code of one of my business cards. The test proved to be a success as my friend was able to go direct to my site without having to type in the web address. This saves valuable time. I will conduct a similar test for the qr code for this blog as well. 

Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Youtube creators can become global celebrities of sorts.

 I have to say that I am very impressed with Youtube. As of February 2021, Youtube has 2 billion monthly active users. I watch Youtube videos on a daily basis. I have 2 Youtube channels myself. I don't post videos as much as I should. However, I will do my best to rectify this issue. I like to share some of the great Youtube videos I find via Facebook. It's great that Youtube has the share the video option.

In one of the photos above, you see a Youtube boxing channel creator. He has a channel under Drew Titan. I have been watching some of his Youtube boxing videos. I like his videos. I had watched one of his recent live videos where he had talked about the then upcoming 3rd fight between Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder. Drew had gone to see their fight in Las Vegas. Drew said that a UK teenage had recognized him from his Youtube channel. The teenager went up to Drew and said, ' You're that guy from Youtube'. Drew was surprised that the guy had known who he was. Youtube has the potential to make its creators worldwide celebrities of sorts. When you think about it, Youtube has become similar in ways to a global tv station. There's almost infinite potential with Youtube. I will write more about this topic in future posts. 

Tuesday, September 14, 2021

My secondary Facebook page for Project The Remote Influencer.


I have created a secondary Facebook page for Project The Remote Influencer - PTRI. I was glad to have been given the opportunity to use my web url for this new page. I thank Facebook for this. There are quite a few projects I am working on through PTRI. These projects all fall under the PTRI banner.

Here is a link to the secondary Facebook page for PTRI.

You will find the link to the facebook page in my e-portfolio site above. 

Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Frisee That Much - TOC : Throwing Objects Club, coaching, virtual coaching and e-consulting work.


I came up with an acronym which describes in a nutshell, what Frisee That Much is. It's a TOC : Throwing Objects Club. I will write more about this in a future post. I have experience in consulting and I am adept at research. I have infused some of these elements into Frisee That Much. I came up with TOC after I had conducted some research into motorcycle clubs. These clubs us the letters MC as part of their name. It stands for motorcycle club.

I can work with potential club recruits and members in person through traditional coaching and I can work with said people via online virtual coaching methods too. I have a Facebook page and a Facebook group for Frisee That Much. I am not going to create a stand alone web site for Frisee That Much. Frisee That Much is one of the projects of Project The Remote Influencer - PTRI. I am working on quite a few projects through Project The Remote Influencer. Therefore, it would not make much sense for me to have separate stand alone web sites for each of my PTRI projects. 

In regard to online virtual coaching, I can use Facebook, Skype, Zoom, Microsoft meeting, Whatsapp, email and other pc tools as required. I have used e-consulting methods when I had sent info, links and other data to clients. Some of these clients are based in the USA and other countries. 

Here are a couple of links to a video I had shot a few weeks ago of me having a Frisee That Much session with friends and family. I am throwing an American football in the video below. I will leave a Facebook link and a Google drive link. They're both the same video. You can choose which link you'd like to click on.




Here is a link to a copyrighted PDF I had written up on TOC - Throwing Objects Club. You're welcome to download and / or share the pdf file.


I can help people from sports as diverse as cricket, baseball and softball and other sports which involve throwing. Frisee That Much can also be of benefit to martial artists, boxers etc too. 

Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Alyssa Derrick and the positive results gained from her viral football throw video.


I had found out about the talented athlete, Alyssa Derrick via an internet search for American Football Throws. Alyssa is a former university of Maine softball player. Alyssa stands at an impressive 6 foot 3 inches tall. Alyssa had appeared in a quick video where she was seen throwing a football at a distance of approximately 60 yards. This video went viral. Her cannon of an arm displayed in the aforementioned video had captured the interest of a pro football league for women, The Houston Stamped. Alyssa has since signed a contract to play for this team.

I believe Alyssa had developed her throwing ability from her softball practices. You could say these were cross over skills. I / we can help to develop throwing sport athletes through Frisee That Much. I hope Alyssa considers adding frisbee and ultimate disc throwing as part of her training. It can only benefit her football practices. 

I sense we are going to hear a lot more of Alyssa Derrick. I wish her luck in her sporting career but I know that she makes her own luck. 

Here is some more info on Alyssa Derrick. You will find a couple of video links in the posts as well.




Saturday, July 17, 2021

An update for the Frisee That Much project.


I had written a post about one of the unique projects I / we are working on through Project The Remote Influencer - PTRI. I will provide a link to the post in mention, below:

In the post above, I had used the term frisbee. I use Wham O frisbees and I use ultimate discs and other types of flying discs. I also use Nerf balls, American footballs and other types of throwing objects and items in Frisee That Much. I am not too concerned about catching skills in Frisee That Much. That's why I didn't mention catching in the constitution for Frisee That Much. We can and do use catching in Frisee That Much. However, our main focus is on developing throwing skills in participants. Frisee That Much, players and participants, can move onto Ultimate and / or other sports which involve elements of throwing.

Through my research, I came to discover that I would be considered a voluntary coach and a private membership club in the sport and physical activity workforce. 

The economic and social benefits of sport and physical activity.

When appropriately organized, taught, resourced and practiced, physical education, physical activity and sport can make distinct contributions towards a wide range of benefits to individuals, families, communities and society at large. 

( The paragraph above can apply to countries around the globe )

The paragraph above is from the UN international charter of physical education, physical activity and sport. This PDF file can be found online via an internet search. 

The link above is from the Sport England web site. It applies to the UK. However, the info in the link can apply to other countries as well. The link has a few PDF links you might like to read.

People from around the globe can get involved with Frisee That Much. The internet makes this possible. 

Sunday, May 30, 2021

My predictions for the upcoming Pentagon UAP report.


I created a PDF file on my predictions for the Pentagon UAP report that's scheduled to be released in June of 2021. I like to document my predictions so that I can provide proof of my predictions once I have documented them and stored them for reference. Otherwise, it's just hearsay. I will be more than glad to share the PDF file with anyone interested in reading it. I can email the file over to you.

Here is a Youtube video I had shot on this topic earlier today. I will add an Instagram video link too. It's of the same video. It's up to you to decide which platform you'd like to view the video on.



Here is a link to my Google sites e-portfolio. The link will give you a piggy back to my UAP predictions in PDF format as in the above. You will find links to the file in my Google drive and in my Amazon drive. It's the same file. However, I decided to add these options so that you can decide which platform you'd like to use.


Thursday, March 4, 2021

Project The Remote Influencer - PTRI Consulting Trade Association.


Here is a post from 2017. I had mentioned in the post, that Project The Remote Influencer - PTRI is quite a few things. This stands true.


In regard to PTRI being quite a few things, it is also a consulting trade association. Hence the two photos above. PTRI focuses on : Consulting, Research, Coaching, Teaching and Training. When you delve deep into the field of consulting, you will come to discover that consulting covers the aforementioned areas. Communities play a big part in the work of PTRI as well.

Friday, January 22, 2021

Project The Remote Influencer - PTRI Consulting Services.


I will be providing my consulting services via Project The Remote Influencer and through my atoconsultingdotcom.com web site as well. If you read the constitution for PTRI, you will see that I have made mention of my consulting services

Most of my consulting, coaching and training services are offered online. Hence the e-consulting image above. However, the aforementioned services can be provided in person too as deemed necessary. E-consulting is more appropriate at this juncture in time - seeing as we are going through the Covid 19 situation. 

Here's a link to the post where I had provided more info on the PTRI constitution.

Thursday, January 14, 2021

Happy 2021.

 I wish you all a Happy 2021. 2020 was a bad year for people around the globe. Let's hope that 2021 will be a better year.