Sunday, June 28, 2020

My projects.

Here are some of the projects I am working on through Project The Remote Influencer.

  1. Project The Remote Influencer
  2. School of The Remote Influencer
  3. Way of The Remote Influencer
  4. Ato consulting dot com
  5. RI 22 Smart Pills
  6. The Remote Influencer consulting solution - TRICS
  7. Undercover urban street soldiers
  8. WWATT - Whacking weapons and Training Tactics
  9. DIY-U
  10. Frisee That Much
  11. Myself - I see myself as one of the projects I am undertaking through PTRI
My projects share 4 things in common: Remote Influencing (RI), research, self directed learning and lifelong learning.

In the constitution for PTRI, I wrote about 'helping' society through the research projects we have undertaken. Each of the projects listed above, are of help to society. For example, in the RI 22 Smart Pills project, I make my smart pills from the comfort of my home. These RI 22 smart pills, help with my mental focus, they make me more determined to succeed, boost my creative thinking, improve my self confidence and more. The RI 22 smart pills will help me to achieve success with my other projects. They are all linked like links of a chain - as in my RI links of a chain affirmation.