Monday, January 31, 2022

My Google sites personal website.


I have to say that I am impressed with Google sites. I had decided to create an e portfolio using Google sites a couple of years ago. I didn't use a custom domain name for said site. However, I decided to buy a custom personal domain name from Google domains in December of 2021.

I came up with the creative idea for my own personal website using Google sites. I basically converted my e portfolio site to my own personal website using my name as the domain name. I might provide some info on this site plus a link in the future. I love how easy it is for me to add pages to the site and / or to edit the site. The site looks good on my Windows 10 pc as well.

Saturday, January 15, 2022

RI 22 Smart Pills project.


I wish you all a belated Happy 2022. I will be doing some more research and work into one of my previous projects : RI 22 Smart Pills, and supplements and select medications in general. In the photos above, you see 2 of my RI 22 smart pills. I have been making my own RI 22 smart pills for many years now. I have serious health issues. I have found that my RI 22 smart pills have helped to a certain extent. I make the RI smart pills for my own use only. I can consult with clients in order to show them how they can make their own RI 22 smart pills for their own use though.

I buy empty gelcapsules and I mix the supplement powders and ingredients using a mortar and pestle and a few other DIY tools. I also send Remote Influencing energies into the finished supplement powder. I then place the powder into the gelcapsules. In my Facebook page for RI 22 smart pills, I had described these pills, as : The internet created smart pills. I came up with this slogan for one main reason - I had used the internet for finding the raw materials for my RI 22 smart pills. I will start to add more content to the aforementioned page.

Here is a link to my Facebook page for RI 22 smart pills.