Thursday, December 31, 2020

My Remote Influencing 5 life targets self-experiment in PDF format.


It's now December 31st 2020. I wish you all a Happy New Year in advance. I had reviewed my Remote Influencing 5 life targets self-experiment the other day. I will finish the self-experiment on July 18th 2026. My birthday is July 18th. I had set this unique self-experiment for a period of 10 years.

I will evaluate the self-experiment on July 18th 2026. If necessary, I will extend the finish date for the self-experiment. After all, this is my self-experiment. I run this experiment myself without outside help. I am glad that the documentation for my self-experiment is in PDF format. PDF will be around for many years. If I had used paper to document my self-experiment, the paper would have eroded over the course of time. Luckily, this won't happen with my PDF. I have made multiple back ups of the PDF file too.

Monday, July 13, 2020

Success. What is success in your opinion?

Here are some definitions of the term success. I chose the ones that I feel are most applicable to me and to many others.

The achieving of desired results.


A favorable or desired outcome.


Success is the achievement of something that you have been trying to do.


The achievement of something that you planned to do or attempted to do.


The dictionaries also mention things such as money, expensive items etc. This is what most people think about when it comes to what they think of as a successful person. I have underlined two segments in the above definitions. This is because I will be focusing on these areas as part of the work undertaken by Project The Remote Influencer - PTRI.

Money or making huge money has never been a priority for me. Albert Einstein once quoted ' Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value'. I would have to agree with Einstein on this one. I believe that money could be made as a by product of the work we do. It doesn't have to be the main focus though. I feel that I have achieved some level of success with this blog. The blog has been running since 2016. I have funded this blog myself without outside financial help and I have not accrued any debts through the creation of this blog. In research, results don't happen overnight. It can take years for certain types of research projects to succeed. Research can also be built or improved upon by other present day or future researchers. So therefore, the research work we undertake is not a waste of time.

Sunday, June 28, 2020

My projects.

Here are some of the projects I am working on through Project The Remote Influencer.

  1. Project The Remote Influencer
  2. School of The Remote Influencer
  3. Way of The Remote Influencer
  4. Ato consulting dot com
  5. RI 22 Smart Pills
  6. The Remote Influencer consulting solution - TRICS
  7. Undercover urban street soldiers
  8. WWATT - Whacking weapons and Training Tactics
  9. DIY-U
  10. Frisee That Much
  11. Myself - I see myself as one of the projects I am undertaking through PTRI
My projects share 4 things in common: Remote Influencing (RI), research, self directed learning and lifelong learning.

In the constitution for PTRI, I wrote about 'helping' society through the research projects we have undertaken. Each of the projects listed above, are of help to society. For example, in the RI 22 Smart Pills project, I make my smart pills from the comfort of my home. These RI 22 smart pills, help with my mental focus, they make me more determined to succeed, boost my creative thinking, improve my self confidence and more. The RI 22 smart pills will help me to achieve success with my other projects. They are all linked like links of a chain - as in my RI links of a chain affirmation.

Sunday, May 31, 2020

The areas I will be offering my counsel/ling services in.

The areas I am going to focus on in my counsel/ling work are as follows: Self Confidence, Negativity and dealing with Negative people.

This work will be provided online via the internet. It can also be initiated via my Facebook group page. Did you know that as of today, there are 1.8 billion Facebook groups in existence. I see great potential with Facebook groups.

Here's a link dealing with the above, from my new Google blogger site for The Remote Influencer Consulting Solution - TRICS.


Thursday, May 28, 2020

Yes. The work I am doing through PTRI is real.

I have had people saying negative things about the work I am doing through Project The Remote Influencer - PTRI. My Remote Influencing (RI) practices have provided me with a thick skin though. The sad thing is that these people do not even know about the important and world changing work
I am providing through PTRI. For example, I have promoted online work from home solutions for over 10 years now. This was way before the Corona virus outbreak too.I have research files to back up what I am saying here.

( I had found the photo above via an online search. Hopefully the owner of the photo will not object to my using their image. ) PTRI is involved with self-experiments along with research. As mentioned in my post dated February 7th 2020, one of my ongoing self-experiments was a success: My DIY Budgeting system. This blog is another one of my self-experiments. It is somewhat of a success. I have had this blog since December 2016 and I have funded it myself, without outside financial help.

PTRI is a non-profit research organization. I have had one person telling me that the work I am doing through PTRI is not real as I don't provide my services in person - at least for the present. This can change in the future. Yes. The work I am doing through PTRI is real even though it is web based. The same person that had said my work is not real, uses Whatsapp and shops via Amazon. Those co's are web based. Does this mean that they are not real? Part of my work at PTRI is about helping others to not let negative people prevent them from achieving their potential. I will write about this area in the future.

Monday, May 18, 2020

The Remote Influencer Consulting Solution - TRICS: Remote Influencing (RI) counsel/ling.

Here's a link to a post I had written up on the by products of Remote Influencing (RI) practices.


I am based in the UK. I have lived in the USA too for quite a few years. I had lived in the bay area of California, USA, the silicon valley. I had developed my Remote Influencing (RI) system back in 2002 when I had lived in Sunnyvale, California, USA. I had by book published in 2008. I had foreseen the impact and the effectiveness of online technologies and platforms as tools for growth and change back in 2002. This is relevant now, seeing as we are going through the Corona virus outbreak.

Please visit the link above. The post in mention, refers to the by products of Remote Influencing practices. Problem solving and analytical thinking can also be added to the ever growing list of Remote Influencing by products. These areas can be applied to counsel/ling. I will be offering my TRICS counsel/ling services to clients facing issues with self confidence. Self confidence is one of the 29 keys which make up my Remote Influencing system. I have been working on this area myself as I have lost a lot of confidence. However, I am building on this area.

Self confidence is also a niche consulting service offering of Ato consulting dot com, my consulting firm. I am offering TRICS through the aforementioned site, this site and through my School of The Remote Influencer and Way of The Remote Influencer site too.

Counsellor is not a protected title in the UK, as it stands presently. I have an introduction to counselling certificate as you can see above. I do not have a higher certification in counselling. Honesty is the best policy as the saying goes. Truth is another one of my 29 Remote Influencing keys. I have developed counsel/ling skills over the course of many years. My research, learning and training is on going. In management consulting for example, a consultant can use prior experience as part of their body of knowledge . You may have noticed that I spelled counselling in the following way: counsel/ling. I did this because the UK spells it this way: counselling. In the USA, it is spelled as: counseling. My Remote Influencing body of knowledge is not limited. It is ever expanding and it is fluid in essence. TRICS is delivered via the internet. My Remote Influencing counsel/ling services will fall under the TRICS umbrella. I will write more about TRICS in future posts.

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

The Remote Influencer Links of a Chain update.

The Remote Influencer - TRI is a powerful monk archetype which my Remote Influencing (RI) system is built upon. The Remote Influencer is also a brand. You will see The Remote Influencer as part of this blog/site web url and you will see it in School of The Remote Influencer and Way of The Remote Influencer. We develop ourselves into The Remote Influencer through Research, Worship, Teaching, Learning, Training, Consulting and Coaching. This work is ongoing as the learning never ends - as in Life Long Learning.

Like links of a chain, through Remote Influencing (RI), we are connected to positive influences, people, events, situations and outcomes.

The above is one of the Remote Influencing (RI) affirmations from my book: The Remote Influencer 2.

Over the years I have amassed hundreds of research files. I am still adding to my Remote Influencing (RI) body of knowledge and knowledge base. I have seen how new ideas came into being by linking research files together. These links have since connected and they have interconnected with other research files so as to bring new ideas into existence.

Here are a couple of links to posts I had written up on TRIC - The Remote Influencer Chain.



Monday, April 13, 2020

The by products of Remote Influencing (RI) - The work undertaken by PTRI.

It never ceases to amaze me when I discover new by products that have manifested as a result of my Remote Influencing (RI) practices. Similar in ways to a scientist, I document these by products and I work on developing these by products to the best of my abilities.

Here are just some of the by products I have developed through my RI practices.

  • Lazer like focus
  • Creativity
  • Attention to detail
  • Powers of observation
  • Project Management skills
  • Time Management skills
  • Determination
  • Persistence
  • Information Management skills
Off the top of my head, the above are the by products that I am aware of for now. If I attain more by products over the course of time, I will document them in this site/blog.

I use the by products to help society with through highly creative projects that I initiate and complete via PTRI.

Monday, March 30, 2020

Project The Remote Influencer - PTRI constitution and 'help' society.

I have added the photo above to show what a constitution looks like.

Here is one of the bullet points from the PTRI constitution.

The PTRI group will help society through the research projects they have undertaken. Teaching can also be part of this work.

I had purposely kept the part about helping society vague. This is because I believe there are virtually infinite ways in which one could help society. 

For example, one of the projects I am working on through PTRI, is keeping physically active. Here's what Luton Gov says about this:

Being physically active is fundamental to leading and maintaining a healthy lifestyle and regular participation in physical activity has multiple benefits to individuals and society.

In the bullet point from the PTRI constitution, you will see that I have placed Teaching with a bold font plus and underline. I had placed underlines for the following words in the constitution as well: Consulting, Coaching Training, Research.

Teaching, Consulting, Coaching, Research and Training play big roles in PTRI.

Saturday, March 21, 2020

Project The Remote Influencer - PTRI, a Third Sector organization.

Project The Remote Influencer - PTRI, would fall under the third sector category. The third sector does not belong in the public sector category and it does not belong in the private sector category. Think Tanks and Research institutes are usually found in the third sector. As mentioned in previous posts, PTRI is a research institute and it is a think tank. ( You will see this when you read the attached PDF below. )

PTRI works with local and international organizations. The internet makes this possible. I had found out about the third sector for example, through my research endeavors.

Here's a link to a PDF file which provides more info on the Third Sector. It's from my Google drive.


Thursday, March 5, 2020

My Tornado prediction via my School of The Remote Influencer Facebook page.

The photo above is from a different tornado to the one I had predicted was going to happen. I added the photo to show people what a tornado looks like. I have become more intuitive as a result of my Remote Influencing (RI) practices.

I had had a prediction regarding a substantial tornado that was going to take place in the USA. I had written about this prediction in my Facebook page for School of The Remote Influencer - SOTRI. It is always a good idea to document your work, research, predictions, findings etc. This way we can ascertain whether our work was accurate or not. I have kept a track of my work too so that I can share it when the time comes, without me having to get stressed looking for the data.

On January 26th 2020, I had predicted that a substantial tornado was going to strike in the USA. I could not pinpoint an exact location. However, I did say that the tornado would occur a few weeks after I had written my post. In my prediction, I had said that no one would get hurt. I was wrong about that part of the prediction. There was a tornado in Tennessee were at least 18 people were killed. This had happened a few days ago.

Here's a link to the Facebook post as mentioned above.


We can use our intuitive predictions and insights to help our communities and the world at large with. In future posts I will write about the other predictions that I have had or will have.

Sunday, February 23, 2020

Project The Remote Influencer - PTRI Think Tank.

As I had mentioned in a post dated January 10th 2017: Project The Remote Influencer - PTRI is quite a few things. PTRI is a think tank. PTRI may mutate into other things too as deemed necessary.

What is a Think Tank.

There are quite a few definitions of the term Think Tank. Here's the one I find most appropriate for PTRI: A research institute. A think tank is a group of people. Groups play an important part in PTRI. I would like to point out though that we are not a professionally trained researchers. However, we still provide work of value to society.

The BBC says: There is no regulation of think tanks as bodies per se. Anyone can set one up.

Here's a link to a Think Tank which has started out in a garage back in 1986.


Look for the segment in the Youtube video which starts at around the 44 second mark. It mentions that their think tank began as a garage based think tank back in 1986. It has since evolved into an actual brick and mortar think tank. This proves that there is no such thing as overnight success. We have to start from somewhere. Our work is provided online via the internet. In person work can be provided as well.

Friday, February 7, 2020

Success with one of my Remote Influencing (RI) Self-Experiments: DIY Budgeting.

As mentioned in the constitution for Project The Remote Influencer - PTRI, PTRI is a research organization and it is a series of unique self-experiments which fall under the PTRI banner. One of the self-experiments I have had recent success with is my DIY Budgeting system.

I placed an image of an excel spreadsheet above. I did so as a way to show what these electronic spreadsheets look like. I use Google docs for my budgeting system. I prefer to enter data into these documents in the form of text plus figures, highlighting, bullet points, underscores and bold. My system works for me. It can work well for others who are more adept with entering text based data into electronic documents. I had first learned about budgeting from my auntie Gulab. I built upon what my aunt had taught me. Learning is a lifelong endeavor.

I like the fact that my DIY budgeting document is stored in the cloud. I can access these files through my various devices. I create these documents on a year to year basis. Once the year comes to an end, I save the file to PDF and I then make multiple back ups of the PDF file. I can analyze the PDF files to project my finances with. I have to admit that I do enter some data on physical paper. However, I don't enter all of the data on paper. I recycle the paper when I am done with it. I have paid off my credit card debts plus my personal debts through the application of my DIY budgeting system. This self-experiment can be replicated, seeing as the experiment was a success for me.