Thursday, March 5, 2020

My Tornado prediction via my School of The Remote Influencer Facebook page.

The photo above is from a different tornado to the one I had predicted was going to happen. I added the photo to show people what a tornado looks like. I have become more intuitive as a result of my Remote Influencing (RI) practices.

I had had a prediction regarding a substantial tornado that was going to take place in the USA. I had written about this prediction in my Facebook page for School of The Remote Influencer - SOTRI. It is always a good idea to document your work, research, predictions, findings etc. This way we can ascertain whether our work was accurate or not. I have kept a track of my work too so that I can share it when the time comes, without me having to get stressed looking for the data.

On January 26th 2020, I had predicted that a substantial tornado was going to strike in the USA. I could not pinpoint an exact location. However, I did say that the tornado would occur a few weeks after I had written my post. In my prediction, I had said that no one would get hurt. I was wrong about that part of the prediction. There was a tornado in Tennessee were at least 18 people were killed. This had happened a few days ago.

Here's a link to the Facebook post as mentioned above.


We can use our intuitive predictions and insights to help our communities and the world at large with. In future posts I will write about the other predictions that I have had or will have.

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