Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Alyssa Derrick and the positive results gained from her viral football throw video.


I had found out about the talented athlete, Alyssa Derrick via an internet search for American Football Throws. Alyssa is a former university of Maine softball player. Alyssa stands at an impressive 6 foot 3 inches tall. Alyssa had appeared in a quick video where she was seen throwing a football at a distance of approximately 60 yards. This video went viral. Her cannon of an arm displayed in the aforementioned video had captured the interest of a pro football league for women, The Houston Stamped. Alyssa has since signed a contract to play for this team.

I believe Alyssa had developed her throwing ability from her softball practices. You could say these were cross over skills. I / we can help to develop throwing sport athletes through Frisee That Much. I hope Alyssa considers adding frisbee and ultimate disc throwing as part of her training. It can only benefit her football practices. 

I sense we are going to hear a lot more of Alyssa Derrick. I wish her luck in her sporting career but I know that she makes her own luck. 

Here is some more info on Alyssa Derrick. You will find a couple of video links in the posts as well.




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