Saturday, July 17, 2021

An update for the Frisee That Much project.


I had written a post about one of the unique projects I / we are working on through Project The Remote Influencer - PTRI. I will provide a link to the post in mention, below:

In the post above, I had used the term frisbee. I use Wham O frisbees and I use ultimate discs and other types of flying discs. I also use Nerf balls, American footballs and other types of throwing objects and items in Frisee That Much. I am not too concerned about catching skills in Frisee That Much. That's why I didn't mention catching in the constitution for Frisee That Much. We can and do use catching in Frisee That Much. However, our main focus is on developing throwing skills in participants. Frisee That Much, players and participants, can move onto Ultimate and / or other sports which involve elements of throwing.

Through my research, I came to discover that I would be considered a voluntary coach and a private membership club in the sport and physical activity workforce. 

The economic and social benefits of sport and physical activity.

When appropriately organized, taught, resourced and practiced, physical education, physical activity and sport can make distinct contributions towards a wide range of benefits to individuals, families, communities and society at large. 

( The paragraph above can apply to countries around the globe )

The paragraph above is from the UN international charter of physical education, physical activity and sport. This PDF file can be found online via an internet search. 

The link above is from the Sport England web site. It applies to the UK. However, the info in the link can apply to other countries as well. The link has a few PDF links you might like to read.

People from around the globe can get involved with Frisee That Much. The internet makes this possible. 

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