Tuesday, December 14, 2021

The Google blog for my Frisee That Much project.


I changed my mind in regard to having a stand alone web site or blog for my Frisee That Much project. I bought the . com domain name for frisee that much, yesterday via Google domains. I decided to open a Google blogger site for frisee that much. I created the blog via blogger a few hours after I had bought the domain name. I loved how well the whole process worked. I bought the domain via Google and I set the blog up, pretty quick as well, all via Google. I hope that Google domains and blogger will be around for years to come. I am sure they will.

Here are the links to my blogger post where I had said I wasn't going to create a stand alone blog or site for Frisee That Much, and the link to my new Google blog for Frisee That Much.



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