Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Kristina Pimenova could become a future superstar. My prediction.

I have made quite a few intuitive predictions which have come to manifest successfully. I sense that Kristina Pimenova can become a future superstar. Kristina Pimenova is a young model hailing from Russia. She was dubbed the most beautiful girl in the world. Remember her name. She has star potential. It is my belief that celebrities can help with many of the societal problems and social issues that are going on in the world. This is why I write about them in my posts.

Kristina is going to be acting in a movie titled 'The Russian Bride'. It will be her first acting role. The movie addresses a topic which has real world issues: Mail order brides and how they are exploited and harmed etc.

Here is a post I had written up about Kristina. It's from my Facebook page for Project The Remote Influencer. It was written on October 21st 2016.



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