Monday, June 5, 2017

My Remote Influencing (RI) Self-Experiment.

As I have mentioned in previous posts, Project The Remote Influencer - PTRI is quite a few things. It is also a series of unique self-experiments. I consider myself as one of these experiments. One of these experiments involves me striving to achieve five life targets I have set for myself. I decided last year, on my birthday, July 18th 2016, that I would set myself a time limit of 10 years to see if I can achieve success with all five or at least three out of my five life targets. I know this can sound like a phenomenal task. I try not to see it this way though. I will evaluate the experiment on July 18th 2026. I will decide on that day whether I should continue with my self-experiments or not. I believe I will continue with the self-experiments. They can be addictive, in good ways. The self-experiments do not have to be highly advanced. They can be as simple as one pushing themselves to complete self imposed tasks etc. There's room for creativity for people wanting to replicate the RI self-experiments for themselves. These experiments are easily initiated and replicated through the internet.

In regard to the self-experiment aspect of PTRI, I have noticed that my intelligence has increased along with my creativity. These things can only improve over the next nine plus years. I have become more emotionally strong as well. Remote Influencing (RI) is about making things happen. Change and improvements can happen within people and they can happen in the external environment too. I had written up a copyrighted PDF a few years ago: My Remote Influencing (RI) Self-Experiment.  I have added a copy of this PDF in my Facebook PTRI Research Self Directed Learning group. I will provide a link to this group post below. I will also add a link to a Youtube video on My Remote Influencing (RI) Self-Experiment I had shot a few days ago. If you join my Facebook group, you are welcome to download the PDF file and you can share it with your friends and associates if you feel so inclined.

Here are the links as promised.



When you download the PDF file, please overlook some of the dead web links in the file. I have shut down a few of my web sites. I have become quite shy recently. I have to admit I was a bit nervous when I shot the video above. I did not prepare myself for the video. I prefer to shoot my videos in an improv style of sorts. I can assure you though that my work is backed by research.

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